Grade 10 Math: System of Linear Equations Problem Solving with Linear Systems

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Every Halloween, Mike gives bag of 4 chocolate candies in one bag, and 2 strawberry candies in one bag. Last Halloween, mike gave a total of 60 bags that consisted of a total of 184 candy pieces. How many strawberry candy bags and how many chocolate candy bags did he give last Halloween

28 strawberry candy bags, 32 chocolate candy bags
32 strawberry candy bags, 28 chocolate candy bags
14 strawberry candy bags, 16 chocolate candy bags
16 strawberry candy bags, 14 chocolate candy bags
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Dave walked from home to train station at an average speed of 5km/h. He immediately got on his train and traveled at an average speed of 60km/h until he got to school. The total distance from his home to school is 35km, and the entire commute took 1.5hours. How many km did Dave cover by walking, and how many km did he cover by travelling on the bus?

Walked 10km, 20km by train
Walked 15km, 15km by train
Walked 30km, 5km by train
Walked 5km, 30km by train
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